It's 2015. so why is our education system still designed as if it's 1915?

Our public education system was designed for an era that no longer exists. A high school diploma is no longer an indicator of future success. Today's students must leave high school prepared for success in some type of post-secondary schooling or training. They must be equipped with the "new basics"- skills like creativity, communication, and collaboration. 

At the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, we're supporting grantmaking efforts to re-shape our education system to be more student-centered.

We envision an education system where learning transcends the traditional school calendar and setting. We envision a system where students progress based upon mastery of a skill or topic, rather than time spent in a classroom.

And hey - students shouldn't be bored in the classroom. Let's reshape our system so that learning is personalized, and students have a true voice in their education.

The success of our nation's future depends on our education system.

Let’s make sure our students are ready.

Education Indicators for Maine 2015

Education Indicators for Maine 2015
In this report, Educate Maine examines 10 indicators around education access, achievement, and participation for Maine students. Beyond promoting discussion, this paper serves as a call to action for increasing engagement, positive dialogue, and support for promising strategies amongst...


Leading the Way Towards a Stronger New England Region


The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is embarking on an ambitious new agenda, one that builds on our position as a promoter of equity and excellence in public education in New England, and our recognition that bolder action is required to ensure that all of our young people can fully participate in our region’s economic and civic landscape. 


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Meriden Public Schools
Meriden Public Schools in central Connecticut has launched creative enrichment programs that provides greater voice and choice for students and staff. Read more

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