The Nellie Mae Education Foundation supports districts, organizations, schools and programs aligned with our goal of reshaping education in New England to provide every learner with the skills and knowledge they need for the future.

Revere High School


Our support for work that promotes a deeper, student-centered experience that better prepares all students for the future is focused on four key areas:

District-Level Systems Change
We are investing in districts and communities across New England as they implement, sustain and build demand for student-centered approaches that foster deeper learning for every student.

State-Level Systems Change
We are supporting state and federal education policies that foster student-centered approaches to learning.

Research & Development
We are building a base of knowledge through research to help individuals, practitioners, and organizations better understand, implement and support student-centered approaches to learning.

Public Understanding & Demand
We are supporting communities in their efforts to increase awareness of and build broad support for new approaches that help reshape public education.