College Readiness Meets Global Competence

In 2003, Asia Society launched a network of schools with an ambitious, two-part mission: close the achievement gap for low-income and historically underserved secondary students, and address the growing opportunity gap between what American schools typically teach and the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for full participation in a global economy.

This school profile dives deep into the curriculum that Asia Society is using to ensure its students are both college-ready and globally-competent.

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"When students have global competencies and global awareness, it both figuratively and literally expands what their horizons are, so that their lives can be much richer and their own estimation of what they can do grows incredibly."
Katie Bayerl and Eve Goldberg
1/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

Katie Bayerl is an editorial consultant working in the Greater Boston area, helping to capture and share the work of teachers and schools across the country.

Eve Goldberg is a Senior Research & Policy Associate at the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.