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We support building a knowledge base by funding projects that help provide evidence of student-centered learning's success in achieveing the goal of providing every student with the skills and knowledge they need for the future.

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High Tech High Network: Student-Centered Learning in Action

David Stephen and Eve Goldberg

August 2013

High Tech High is using student-centered approaches to equip students with 21st century skills.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Competency-Based Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction, Personalization

Weaving Skill Ropes: Using Metaphor to Enhance Understanding of Skills and Learning

Michael Erard

March 2013

How does weaving ropes resemble the process of learning? This report from FrameWorks Institute uses this explanatory metaphor to explore how the public talks about learning and the acquisition of cognitive and emotional skills.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Youth Development

The Promise of Extended Learning Opportunities: New, Powerful, and Personalized Options for High School Students

Nicholas C. Donohue

February 2013

NMEF President & CEO Nicholas C. Donohue describes the potential that expanded learning opportunities can bring to a learning ecosystem.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Learning Time, Personalization, Youth Development

Re-Engineering Information Technology Design Considerations for Competency Education

Liz Glowa and Susan Patrick

February 2013

This brief examines components and elements of effective competency-based information systems.

Tags: Competency-Based Education

Necessary for Success: Building Mastery of World-Class Skills – A State Policymakers Guide to Competency Education

Susan Patrick and Chris Sturgis

February 2013

A modern education system should center on mastery rather than ticking off hours spent at a desk. This issue brief shares insights into re-engineering the policy and practices of the K-12 system to be more student-centered.

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Governance & Finance, Policy, Teachers & School Leaders

Leadership in Action: How Does Proficiency-Based Learning Work?

New England Secondary School Consortium

December 2012

Every year, high schools give out thousands of grades, report cards, and diplomas, but students are still unprepared. Can we do better?

The Learning Edge: Supporting Student Success in a Competency-Based Learning Environment

Laura Shubilla and Chris Sturgis

December 2012

Competency-based education requires a system of supports that meet students’ individual needs as they work toward proficiency.

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Policy

How Media Portray Learning Space and Time

Moira O'Neil, Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, and Abigail Haydon

December 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how learning space and time is framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Governance & Finance, Learning Time, Policy, Technology

More Efficient High Schools in Maine: Emerging Student-Centered Learning Communities

David L. Silvernail and Erika K. Stump

December 2012

This study finds that high-performing and efficient high schools can also be student-centered to enable all learners to obtain the skills, knowledge, and supports necessary to succeed in a 21st century economy.

Getting Down to Dollars and Cents

Larry Miller, Betheny Gross and Monica Ouijdani

November 2012

Does it cost more to implement student-centered learning?

Making Mastery Work

Nora Priest, Antonia Rudenstine and Ephraim Weisstein

November 2012

Best practices from K-12 schools implementing personalized approaches to learning.

Tags: Competency-Based Education

Overarching Media Coverage of Education Issues: A Cognitive Media Analysis

Moira O’Neil

November 2012

In this report, the FrameWorks Institute identifies dominant media frames that cut across education issues.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Governance & Finance, Policy, Youth Development

Cognitive Media Analysis of Skills and Learning

Moira O’Neil

November 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how skills and learning are framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Learning Time, Youth Development

Mapping the Gaps on Assessment

Eric Lindland, Michael Baran, Moira O'Neil, and Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor

November 2012

Researchers map the gaps between the ways that the public and experts think and talk about assessment.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Mapping the Gaps on Where and When Learning Takes Place

Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, Eric Lindland, and Michael Baran

November 2012

Researchers map the gaps between the ways that the public and experts understand about the spaces and time where learning takes place.

Tags: Community Voice & Engagement, Curriculum & Instruction, Learning Time

Cognitive Media Analysis on Assessment

Moira O'Neil, Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, and Tia Remington-Bell

November 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how assessment is framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Leadership in Action: What are Learning Standards?

New England Secondary School Consortium

October 2012

Have you ever wondered what learning standards are, what they are not, how they actually work in schools, and why they matter?

Tags: Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction, Teachers & School Leaders

Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century

James Pellegrino

October 2012

Deeper learning—a process by which students acquire critical thinking, self-management, and communication skills, among other 21st century competencies—is positively tied to future health, education, and work.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College Readiness, Competency-Based Education

The Art and Science of Designing Competencies

Chris Sturgis

July 2012

Competencies, learning objectives that foster lifelong skills and opportunities for growth, facilitate deeper knowledge and assessment than traditional time-based measurements.

Tags: Competency-Based Education, Teachers & School Leaders

Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice

Eric Toshalis and Michael J. Nakkula

July 2012

What motivates students to engage in learning? This report finds that the more that educators use student-centered approaches to learning to reinforce student agency, the more likely students are to be engaged.

Tags: Curriculum & Instruction, Student Voice & Agency, Youth Development