Student-Centered Learning



The Nellie Mae Education Foundation has been committed to reshaping the high school learning experience by working with districts, schools and organizations to implement the principles of student-centered learning – learning that is personalized, engaging, competency-based and happens anytime, anywhere.   

We have been excited to see the scaling of student-centered practices and personalization through New England and nationwide. Yet too often the spread of such practices is not defined by rigorous or equitable distributions.   

We do know that student-centered learning will remain a part of our grantmaking efforts — though what we mean by it is evolving. We may respond to a community’s interests in student-centered learning, rather than making it a grant requirement. We will revisit the definition of student-centered learning to put attention on racial equity outcomes, and increase attention and focus on the cultural, structural, and policies that reinforce inequities within our education system and communities.

Over the past year and half, the Foundation has been engaged in an equity and strategy review and development process to examine our organization’s investments and culture through the lens of racial equity – looking at how power is operating through resource distribution, whose voices are heard, what rules are in place, and who has authority and influence. Read more about that process here.  We are hoping to share more about how student-centered approaches to learning fit within our strategy as it develops over the course of 2019.