Organization and Financial Information

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is the largest philanthropy in New England dedicated exclusively to education.


Pursuant to its Articles of Organization, the Foundation operates exclusively for the benefit of, and to promote the charitable and educational purposes of, educational organizations, including universities, colleges, secondary schools, elementary schools, and other educational organizations that are described in IRC Section 501(c) (3) and that are not private foundations as described in IRC Section 509(a). The Foundation’s activities include making grants to the public charities it supports and providing services to those organizations.


Nellie Mae Education Foundation╩╝s financial statements for the years ending December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020 can be found here.

The Foundation’s IRS Form 990: Select

They may also be viewed at Guidestar, the database and search tool for information on IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations.