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Supporting and Developing Student-Centered Teachers and Administrators at Scale‚Äč

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is pleased to release a new request for proposals to support a twelve to eighteen month grant for state education agencies and public school districts to adopt and implement the Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Teaching and/or the Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered Personalized Education.

Through this grant fund, the Foundation encourages New England states and public school districts with a commitment to student-centered learning and equity to adopt and implement the Educator Competencies and/or Leadership Competencies as part of their: 

  • state-level and/or district-level visioning, goal-setting and strategic planning; 
  • and/or administrators; self-assessment and coaching processes with educators
  • quality improvement; 
  • hiring, induction, and retention programs; 
  • addressing school and district culture; 
  • identifying professional development needs and/or developing a training and development program for teachers and/or leaders; 
  • educator standards and licensure requirements (crosswalks of existing state standards to these standards);
  • and educator and administrator effectiveness systems. 

Our hope is that grant funding will accelerate and expand the adoption of the Competencies and further the alignment of district and state systems with student-centered practices. Additionally, we hope to learn from these efforts, capture learnings and best practices, and share these findings with the field to support and accelerate the spread of systemic student-centered secondary education. 

Please feel free to share this offer widely. Direct questions about the RFP to Alexis Harewood at All questions (except those clearly only relevant to a single organization) will be answered via an FAQ updated regularly on the Nellie Mae website.

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