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Initiative Grantee Date Amount City State
Build Public Understanding & Demand Youth On Board

Youth On Board 

Youth on Board supports the power of students to transform their communities by recognizing that when young people are fully engaged—when their voices are heard, their opinions matter, and their unique perspective is respected—they commit themselves to making their schools, their communities, and their own lives better. 

Grant Description  

This grant will provide funding to improve their communications and develop new student-centered elements to their web site, newsletter, and social media platforms. 

12/20/2018 $10,000 Somerville MA
Develop Effective Systems Designs Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 

The goal of the Massachusetts public K-12 and adult education system is to prepare all students for success in life. The Department's work includes licensing educators, distributing state and federal education money, helping districts implement learning standards, overseeing statewide standardized tests, monitoring schools and districts, and convening districts and individuals to share best practices. In addition, they collect data to inform state and local decisions. 

Grant Description  

This grant is to provide seed funding for the pilot phase of MA DESE's Influencer 100 project to diversity the ranks of educational leadership to elevate and support more leaders of color. 

12/20/2018 $100,000 Malden MA
Build Public Understanding & Demand Youth in Action

Youth in Action 

Youth in Action is a partnership between youth, adults, and community where youth are supported to be at the forefront of creating positive social change. YIA supports urban teens to reach their personal leadership goals, enroll in higher education, and create positive change in their communities. 

Grant Description  

The grant will cover some of the organizations operating costs. 

12/20/2018 $45,000 Providence RI
Build Public Understanding & Demand A Better Way Foundation

A Better Way Foundation  

A Better Way Foundation (ABWF) is a statewide organization that has utilized research, education, advocacy and organizing in order to decarcerate residents, decriminalize behavior, and revitalize communities across the state of Connecticut.   

Grant Description  

This grant will support the organization's operating expenses. 

12/20/2018 $45,000 Hartford CT
Develop Effective Systems Designs Education Resource Strategies

Education Resource Strategies 

ERS is a national non-profit that partners with district, school, and state leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) so that every school prepares every child for tomorrow, no matter their race or income. 

Grant Description  

This grant will support Education Resource Strategies in providing technical assistance on resource equity strategies to the New Superintendents Induction Program 

12/20/2018 $100,000 Watertown MA
Presidents The Boston Foundation

The Boston Foundation 

As Greater Boston’s community foundation, the Boston Foundation devotes its resources to building and sustaining a vital, prosperous city and region, where justice and opportunity are extended to everyone. 

Grant Description  

This grant will support ongoing work on it Birth-to-8 project and to build a community engagement plan to build awareness of the College, Career, Life Readiness framework. 

12/19/2018 $150,000 Boston MA
Presidents Harvard Medical School - President and Fellows of Harvard College

Harvard Medical School - President and Fellows of Harvard College 

The oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere is the Harvard Corporation, known formally as the President and Fellows of Harvard College. 

Grant Description 

HMS MEDscience's mission is to increase students' interest, achievement and career intentions in the healthcare fields by engaging them in hands-on, field-based experiences coupled with an intensive program of instruction. Through the program they are trained in specific medical skills and terminology, critical thinking and problem solving while also building teamwork and communication skills and developing personal health literacy. 

12/19/2018 $25,000 Boston MA
Develop Effective Systems Designs Schott Foundation for Public Education

Schott Foundation for Public Education 

The Schott Foundation is a national public fund serving as a bridge between philanthropic partners and advocates to build movements to provide all students an opportunity to learn. Their mission is to develop and strengthen a broad-based and representative movement to achieve fully-resourced, quality PreK-12 public education. 

Grant Description 

Schott is supporting the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance (MEJA) to build capacity and focus on racial equity. 

12/19/2018 $250,000 Quincy MA
Build Educator Ownership, Leadership and Capacity TSNE MissionWorks

TSNE MissionWorks 

TSNE MissionWorks provides information and services to build the knowledge, power, and effectiveness of individuals, organizations and groups that engage people in community and public life. The ultimate intention of their work is to create a more just and democratic society. 

Grant Description  

Through facilitated opportunities to discuss TNTP's "Opportunity Myth" report, the Teacher Collaborative seeks to aid educators in making real changes by advancing the findings of the research into their classrooms, schools, and contexts. The Teacher Collaborative sees this as an opportunity to bridge the gap between research and reality and engage educators in using research to collaboratively solve problems, with educators designing and testing the solutions. 

12/19/2018 $34,996 Boston MA
Build Quality and Rigor of Student-Centered Practices RAND Corporation

RAND Corporation 

The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous. RAND's research and analysis addresses issues that impact people around the world including security, health, education, sustainability, growth, and development. All RAND work, every publication, database, or major briefing, is held to a rigorous review process. 

Grant Description  

In 2017, RAND developed innovative, high-quality measures of student-centered learning in classrooms and schools and developed a user guide and Toolkit to support use of the measures. Throughout 2018 RAND has been working to collect evidence of validity and reliability of the Toolkit. To-date, the RAND team has recruited districts to participate in using the Toolkit and has fielded the student, educator, district leader and school leader surveys in each site. The RAND team is developing an interactive way to share each district’s survey data with them, conduct survey debriefing interviews, collect administrative and demographic data from sites, and plan site visits. 

12/19/2018 $249,960 Pittsburgh PA