Personalized learning recognizes that students engage in different ways and in different places. Students benefit from individually-paced, targeted learning tasks that start from where the student is, formatively assess existing skills and knowledge, and address the student’s needs and interests.

Examples of personalized learning environments include:


Life Academy

At Life Academy in Oakland, California, lessons are structured with differentiated activities, meaning students have multiple entry points into a discussion or project depending on their skill proficiency or learning style preference.

Sanford High School

At Sanford High School in Maine, students maintain a Personalized Learning Plan or educational portfolio that records their progress in meeting learning standards in each subject—demonstrating their mastery of skills or a subject.

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning is a network of 69 schools across the globe. At Big Picture, teachers create individual learning plans for students each quarter. Students are responsible for following their passions, and landing an internship position to which they report twice a week.

Summit Public Schools

At Summit Public Schools in San Jose, California, each student participates in an eight week expedition program, where they immerse themselves in a subject of their interest guided by professionals.