A Qualitative Study of Student-Centered Learning Practices in New England High Schools

Gabriel Reif, M.Ed., Greta Shultz, Ed.D. and Steven Ellis, M.P.A.

What exactly does student-centered learning look like in New England schools?

This paper offers a comprehensive analysis of student-centered approaches in 12 schools across the region, highlighting the richness and complexity of these practices and the impact they have on students, staff and schools. This study additionally examines the broad array of factors within and beyond school walls that can foster and challenge the implementation of student-centered practices.

A lot of our students come from very traditional school settings where they haven't had as much choice and voice. It takes a while for them to take that leap. It can be astounding to see how much people can get accomplished once they are fully invested. It's not work anymore. It's doing what you love.