How Family, School, and Community Engagement Can Improve Student Achievement and Influence School Reform

Lacy Wood and Emily Bauman

Family engagement is increasingly recognized as a critical link in advancing school reform efforts, and the current emphasis on successful strategies for school turnaround necessitates research-based information and practices on effective family and community engagement approaches that support student achievement and school improvement.
To assist in the goal of understanding how family and community partnerships can promote school improvement efforts, this literature review strives to address the following questions:

1. What are the key components (practices, challenges, conditions, goals, and outcomes) of promising family-school partnerships that support school- and district-level reform?

2. How do promising partnerships involve families and communities in education reform?

These findings reveal that there is a demonstrable connection between family engagement, school improvement, and student outcomes. Schools and districts should focus not only on family engagement, but also on establishing strong partnerships and relationships with families and communities.