Making Mastery Work

Nora Priest, Antonia Rudenstine and Ephraim Weisstein

Making Mastery Work: A Close-Up View of Competency Education focuses on the experiences of New England schools that are ahead of the curve in implementing rigorous, competency-based models of education.

At these schools, learning happens at different times in a variety of settings, and progress is demonstrated by mastery of content, not merely grade promotion. In the proficiency-based systems examined in Making Mastery Work, students advance at their own pace as part of a cycle of continuous learning and achievement.

Issues examined through the collected experiences of participating schools include: the creation of a transparent mastery and assessment system, time flexibility, curriculum and instruction, leadership for competency education development, and the role of data and information technology in a competency-based education model.

One goal of a competency-driven program is to provide an educational model that can spark interest in learning and inspire a wide range of students to reach their potential.