Seizing the Moment: Realizing the Promise of Student-Centered Learning

Our Piece of the Pie

A growing body of evidence points to the efficacy of student-centered approaches in closing achievement gaps while also raising the bar for all students. This research, combined with the advent of the new Every Student Succeeds Act, provides major new opportunities for states and local school districts to reconsider how they can best provide educational opportunities for all students through student-centered approaches.
This policy brief presents a series of recommendations for building public will in support of student-centered learning, including policy priorities that can help to expand its practices more broadly at the local, state, and federal level. It incorporates profiles of schools and programs which illustrate the power of student-centered learning in action.

We believe the time is right to redouble efforts to uncover and unleash students' potential to learn and apply knowledge, to pursue and refine their talents, and to become the kinds of lifelong learners they will need to be for success in the balance of the 21st century.