Teaching and Learning with Technology in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms Copy

We know that English Learner (EL) students are an incredibly diverse group, and that meeting their needs requires an understanding of how differences in teaching and learning styles affect their language and content learning in classrooms. This exploratory study examines how teaching practices in technology-enhanced classrooms relate to the learning experiences and outcomes (both language and content) of diverse adolescent English learner students.

The study explores questions including:

-What features of technology-enhanced classrooms support language and content learning for EL students?
-How do student learning practices (e.g., student participation and student talk) exemplify classroom features associated with positive educational outcomes and experiences for EL students?
-What EL student characteristics mediate associations between features of technology-enhanced classrooms and language and content learning outcomes?
-How do diverse EL students experience technology as part of their learning?

This school provides a lot of subjects and it has technology …. In my old school we only had one room that had technology in it.