Youth Organizing: A Model for Change


In August 2016, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation launched an evaluation of our Amplifying Student Voice and Leadership (ASVL) grantees to learn more about their efforts over a five-year period. This evaluation is representative of eight youth organizing groups. Through this study, the Foundation learned that different types of youth organizing models the grantees were using were producing distinct results and promoting various levels of leadership.

These findings—summarized in this brief report—helped the Foundation learn about different models of organizing and their potential for sustainable change. We have developed this issue brief for youth and their adult allies in youth organizing groups, as well others who are interested in learning more about youth organizing. We hope this will help you reflect on your youth organizing model so that you can continue to grow and improve it.

The success of movements around the world is the result of skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals who have been prepared to assume the responsibility to lead.