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Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered, Personalized Education

Jobs for the Future and the Council of Chief State School Officers

September 2017

What knowledge, skills, and dispositions must leaders master in order to build student-centered schools and learning environments?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Teachers & School Leaders

Centered on Results: Assessing the Impact of Student-Centered Learning

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

April 2015

A series of studies commissioned by Nellie Mae examine how to ensure that all students – especially those who are underserved – get an opportunity to reach college and career readiness.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College and Career Readiness, Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Personalization, Technology

Blended Instruction

EDUCATION CONNECTION and Education Development Center (EDC)

April 2015

A student-centered approach to blended instruction can have a positive impact on achievement and 21st century skills, and may narrow the achievement gap for underserved populations.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Curriculum and Instruction, Equity, Learning Time, Personalization, Technology

An Up-Close Look at Student-Centered Math Teaching

Kirk Walters, Toni M. Smith, Steve Leinwand, Wendy Surr, Abigail Stein & Paul Bailey

November 2014

Can student-centered instruction bolster engagement in high school mathematics classrooms?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Curriculum & Instruction

Ready for College and Career?

Karin Hess, Brian Gong, and Rebecca Steinitz

March 2014

What does it really take for today’s students to succeed in college and career?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction

College Readiness Meets Global Competence

Katie Bayerl and Eve Goldberg

January 2014

How can a global curriculum help close the achievement gap?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction, Equity

High Tech High Network: Student-Centered Learning in Action

David Stephen and Eve Goldberg

August 2013

High Tech High is using student-centered approaches to equip students with 21st century skills.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, Competency-Based Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction, Personalization

Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century

James Pellegrino

October 2012

Deeper learning—a process by which students acquire critical thinking, self-management, and communication skills, among other 21st century competencies—is positively tied to future health, education, and work.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College Readiness, Competency-Based Education

Leadership in Action: What Should a 21st Century High School Look Like?

New England Secondary School Consortium

April 2011

Textbooks, chalkboards, and desks were the hallmarks of 20th century schooling. Today’s best schools are borderless community learning centers.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Personalization

Leadership in Action: What Do Today’s Students Need to Know?

New England Secondary School Consortium

March 2011

Every day, the world is growing more complex and demanding. Today’s students need new skills that will equip them for success in the global economy.

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness, Curriculum & Instruction

A New Era of Education Reform: Preparing All Students for Success in College, Career and Life

Jill Norton, Lisa Famularo, Michael Bennett, and Ivy Washington

October 2010

How are school and district leaders supporting the integration of 21st century skills into public education?

Tags: 21st Century Skills, College & Career Readiness