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Online Courses For Credit Recovery In High Schools: Effectiveness And Promising Practices

UMass Donahue Institute

April 2017

How effective is online credit recovery at increasing student engagement and achievement?

Tags: Assessment, College & Career Readiness, Competency-Based Education

Online Courses for Credit Recovery: Promising Practices for High School Teachers

University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute

March 2015

This brief highlights findings from a study of 12 Massachusetts high schools with high dropout rates that developed online credit recovery programs as part of the "MassGrad" initiative.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Learning Time, Technology

Leadership in Action: What is Proficiency-Based Grading?

New England Secondary School Consortium

February 2014

Proficiency-based grades incentivize students to work harder and learn more because progress and effort are recognized and rewarded.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education

Progress and Proficiency: Redesigning Grading for Competency Education

Chris Sturgis

January 2014

Our A-F grading scheme is undermining the very core purpose of our education system: learning.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education

Mapping the Gaps on Assessment

Eric Lindland, Michael Baran, Moira O'Neil, and Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor

November 2012

Researchers map the gaps between the ways that the public and experts think and talk about assessment.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Cognitive Media Analysis on Assessment

Moira O'Neil, Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, and Tia Remington-Bell

November 2012

In this report, researchers dive into how assessment is framed in mainstream news outlets.

Tags: Assessment, Community Voice & Engagement, Technology

Leadership in Action: What are Learning Standards?

New England Secondary School Consortium

October 2012

Have you ever wondered what learning standards are, what they are not, how they actually work in schools, and why they matter?

Tags: Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction, Teachers & School Leaders

Steps Toward Valuing Education

Adam F. Simon, Moira O’Neil, and Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor

May 2012

What effect do reframing tools have on issues such as skills and learning, learning time, and assessment?

Tags: Assessment, Learning Time

Assessing Learning

Heidi Andrade, Kristen Huff, and Georgia Brooke

April 2012

Student-centered assessments should be individualized, motivate and engage students, and focus on learning and growth.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education, Governance & Finance, Policy

Quality Performance Assessment: Harnessing the Power of Teacher and Student Learning

Christina Brown and Pascale Mevs

February 2012

Quality performance assessments can provide a deep portrait of student mastery for schools and educators. This 2012 report details examples of schools using performance assessment systems and provides a framework and essential elements for implementation.

Tags: Assessment, Competency-Based Education, Curriculum & Instruction

Leadership in Action: What are Real-World Learning Experiences?

New England Secondary School Consortium

June 2011

If we want to know what today’s students need to succeed, we should listen to those who will be preparing and employing them after they graduate.

Tags: Assessment, College & Career Readiness

Ready for the Future: The Role of Performance Assessments in Shaping Graduates' Academic, Professional, and Personal Lives

Laurie Gagnon

June 2010

How can performance assessments help high school students prepare for success in college and beyond? Through a series of interviews with Boston public school graduates, this study analyzes how performance assessment systems prepared students for future academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

Tags: Assessment, College & Career Readiness

Including Performance Assessments in Accountability Systems

Rosann Tung

January 2010

Performance assessments, often used for individual student evaluation, are effective measurements, but rarely incorporated into accountability systems at the district and state levels.

Tags: Assessment, Finance & Governance