Reframing Learning Loss Amidst a Pandemic

While there’s no doubt the pandemic has deeply impacted the learning experiences of young people across our region and our nation, calls to focus solely on “learning loss” not only dismisses the resilience and creativity of young people who have forged through three years of pandemic schooling, but also ignores longstanding bias against Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Students of Color (BILSOC) in our nation’s schools. Nellie Mae’s first #EdEquityTalks of 2022, co-sponsored with LiberatED, will feature a conversation on how we can leverage racial justice and equity to reframe conversations about learning loss and uplift the brilliance, determination, and wisdom of our young people. Register today for this free hour-long conversation!


Giulia Gennari, student @South Burlington High School

Law-Rel Butler, lead organizer @Alliance for Rhode Island Southeast Asians for Education

Dena Simmons, Ed.D., founder @LiberatED

Alexis Harewood, program officer @Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Jaylee Carles, student @Manchester High School

Favour Ben-Okafor, student @Manchester High School West