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Why This Work Matters

As a result of unfair policy decisions past and present, young people of color experience inequitable outcomes in our public education system:


Black girls are 6x more likely than their white peers to be suspended for the same infractions.

17% vs. 43%

Percent of Native eighth-graders proficient or advanced in math versus white students.

Despite these outcomes, philanthropic giving isn't working the way it should to close these gaps.


Percent of Latinx students who need to take remedial coursework when entering college.

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Our Equity Journey

Announcing Our New Grantmaking Strategy

In 2017, Foundation staff and Board began reflecting around our progress advancing college and career readiness for our region’s students. We realized that if we truly wanted to prepare all of New England’s students to succeed, we needed to prioritize our attention on the racial inequities in our education system today.

For that reason, the Foundation began a strategy review and development process, exploring how we could refocus our grantmaking strategy and organizational culture through the lens of racial equity–examining the structures of race that shape experiences and outcomes for every community, with disparate harm directed to people of color.